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"the point of cryptocurrencies is to get us to a society where our freedom of association, thought, commerce and expression are all guaranteed by open infrastructure"
- charles hoskinson

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Interested in Adosia IoT for Cardano?
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stake Cardano to earn passive rewards using your Daedalus or Yoroi wallets

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about ADAfrog pools
our strategic cluster configuration helps FROG pools win the most blocks

FROG delegators receive the highest returns on staking (ROS) while funding great Cardano projects

our pool fees per epoch are:

FROG - 4% + 340₳ (min fee)

FROG2 - 4% + 340₳ (min fee)

WOLF - 2% + 340₳ (min fee)

FROG pools appreciate your delegation
our mission
ADAfrog is a small business stake pool initiative working to contribute real value to the Cardano ecosystem

we also run the Adosia IoT project which has active customers and is aligning for tokenization on Cardano

your support of ADAfrog pools directly supports Adosia IoT development