Cardano Stake Pool - ADAfrog
Player Rules
How to Play
pop bubbles to reveal and identify the 12 seed words corresponding to a pot
each pot contains an unknown amount of main net ADA
restore wallets containing the ADA in Daedalus using the 12 seed words
an empty wallet means the order of the seed words is incorrect
make sure to immediately move any ADA won to your own wallet!
chances of winning greatly increase with each new seed word order position revealed
Claiming Adosia ADO Token Pots
Adosia token pots will be rewarded once Adosia launches the ADO token smart contract
each ADO pot contains a secret amount of ADA used for verification
1. secure all keywords for an ADO pot and restore the wallet
2. sign up for a free account on
3. email using the email address account used to sign up for Adosia
4. state the exact amount of ADO contained in the wallet and your Cardano address in your to email Adosia
5. transfer out all ADO tokens in the wallet to your Cardano address listed in your email to Adosia
6. your confirmed ADO token winnings will then be credited to your Adosia account
7. ADA tokens credited to your Adosia account can be withdrawn after Adosia launches the ADO smart contract
Sponsored Pot Rules
pots are sponsored by Cardano stake pool operators
each sponsored pot reveals the seed phrase ordering for 6 of the 12 seed words needed to claim the pot (720 possible combinations)
delegate testnet ADA to the pool sponsoring your desired pot to greatly increase your chances of winning
the position of one previously unknown keyword will be revealed to you privately each week your ADA is delegated to the pool
after 1 week of delegating - the position of 7 keywords will be known - brings possible combinations down to 120 from 720
after 2 weeks of delegating - the position of 8 keywords will be known - brings possible combinations down to 24 from 120
ADA must be delegated to the same pool the entire week to receive a new seed word order position
to access more seed word order positions - follow these steps:
1. Follow @ADAfrog_Pool on Twitter. We'll follow back.
2. DM @ADAfrog_Pool on Twitter the address you will delegate from, the pot number (displayed above revealed seed words), and the pool id you will delegate to
3. Once ADAfrog acknowledges your DM, go ahead and delegate to the corresponding pool
4. ADAfrog will DM the order positon for a new seed word each week you are delegated to that pool
Jackpot Rules
the order position for one new seed word contained in the jackpot seed phrase will be released each week
all Cardano stake pool operators sponsoring a pot contribute a small amount of ADA to the jackpot - growing the jackpot over time
the current number of jackpot seed words with order postion revealed: 1
possible combinations with 11 seed words unknown: 39,916,800
Pool Operators
How to Sponsor a Pot
1. DM @ADAfrog_Pool on Twitter or @adosiawolf on Telegram with your pool ticker id and the address you will use to fund your sponsored pot
2. Send 50 ADA to the jackpot address:
3. ADAfrog will create a wallet for your pot and DM you the address you will need to fund your pot
4. Fund your pot address by send however much ADA you want to your pot address provided by ADAfrog