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The Cardano Stake Pool Bootstrap Initiative helps jumpstart new and smaller Cardano stake pools with just enough stake delegation for them to begin regularly producing blocks so their pools can begin actively contributing to the Cardano network. This initiative is extremely important for new pools and for the overall decentralization of Cardano. The Cardano Stake Pool Bootstrap Initiative has assisted dozens of Cardano stake pool operators with getting started and on their way to becoming reliable and trustworthy stake pools.
We achieve helping these new and upcoming pools with getting a good solid kickstart by rotating stake delegations between participating pools which switch every couple of epochs. We also have received assistance from community sites including PoolTool, ADApools and PegasusPool - as they have been so generous in promoting the list of featured pools we manage.
Please support this initiative by following along the delegation schedule listed in the Cardano Stake Pool Bootstrap Telegram Group and/or by delegating to the pools as they are featured on the community sites! Without help from delegators like you, many small pools would have likely given up. They're still here because of you! We need your continued help to ensure maximum decentralization of Cardano!
Cardano stake pools wanting participate in the Cardano Stake Pool Bootstrap Initiative can join the Telegram Group, contact @adosiawolf on Telgram or Twitter, or send an email to
Thank you!
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